Anna Kyrii
Architectural Projecting Group

The number of projects developed during the existence of the company includes above 200 projects in the following categories: public buildings and constructions, residential multi-apartment buildings, office buildings and business centers, multifunctional complexes, medical institutions, schools, kindergartens, leisure centers, cottage towns, interiors of public spaces. Projects built and under construction. Prizewinners in national competitions.

Residential complex "Strumochok-2" in the city of Lutsk

Construction of a water leisure center on the Alexander Dukhnovich Str. in Mukachevo

Central Office of the National Health Service of Ukraine in Kyiv

Center for the provision of administrative services in the city of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region

Reconstruction of a preschool educational institution (nursery) of the combined type "Zyrochka" on the street. Yaroslav the Wise (Kirov), 3-B in the city of Brovary, Kyiv region

Interior design of financial company space at 8 Illyinska Street in Kyiv

Design of the office space of the Smart Group company in Kyiv

New design of the Furshet store chain on Vyshgorodska street in Kyiv

Dwelling house on Cherkasska street in Kyiv

Building of a secondary school of I degree on the Petliura Simona (Chernyakhovskogo) street 17-B in the city of Brovary

Dwelling house on Fontanska street in Odessa

Maternity hospital "LELEKA" on 56 Hamarnyka Street in Kyiv

News house interior design in Kyiv

Interior of Restaurant at Bankova Street in Kyiv

Landscaping of the territory adjacent to the building of the river station in the city of Mykolayiv

Dwelling house on the Myrna Street in Kiev

Center for the provision of administrative services in Mykolayiv

Law company office in Kyiv

Administrative and commutation complex «Kyivstar» at 21 Vyshhorodska Street in Kyiv

Lectorium interior in Kyiv

Office interior design in Simferopol

Cafe interior design on Chervonozoryanyi Avenue in Kyiv

Hotel and sports complex in Vorzel

Automobile sales center on Stalskoho Street in Kyiv

Residential complex in Cherkasy

Shopping center in Vyshhorod

Shopping center in Bucha

Residental houses at 3 A, 4, 6, 8 Motornyi Lane

Trading hall interior design at 165 Horkoho Street in Kyiv

Newsroom at 12/2 Hrushevskoho Street in Kyiv

Residental house at 3 Teremkivska Street in Kyiv

Sports complex for a football club in Vyshhorod area

Shooting club «Magnum» in Protsiv area

Reconstruction and new construction on the sports complex territory in Kyiv

"AKTYV TELECOM" company office interior in Kyiv

Petrol station complex and point of service in Novi Petrivtsi village

Office complex with parking at 4 Verkhnia Street in Kyiv

Office complex at 5 Lyvarska Street in Kyiv

Apartment building at 84 A Artema Street in Kyiv

Ukrainian open competition to determine the best idea of ​​the Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes in Kiev

Press-centre interior on Volodymyrska Street in Kyiv

Stables construction project in Vyshhorod area

Top manager's office interior design in Brovary

Townhouses at 88 B Chervonoflotska Street in Kyiv

Office space interior design for the WIX company

Trade complex on Tarasa Shevchenka Avenue in Vyshhorod

Recreation center in Hlibovka area

Medical center "Nadiya" in Odessa

Shopping and entertainment center in Bucha

Industrial and warehouse base at 28 Desnianska Street in Kyiv

Сoffee shop with a car wash complex at 36/2 Bratyslavska Street in Kyiv

Petrol station in Khotianivka village

Service station in Vyshhorod

Cottage settlement in Borodianka area

Social housing in Lebedivka village

Interior design of the “Praha-auto” company office in Kyiv

Office interior of «Anna Kyrii APG » LLC in Kyiv

Cottage settlement «Sad-Ko» in Novosilky area

Cottage housing «Lisne» in Krushynka village

Restaurant complex in Dymer village

Summer restaurants on Dnieper embankment in Kyiv

Hotel and office building at 44-46 Druzhby Narodiv boulevard in Kyiv

Shopping and entertainment complex on Balzac Street in Kyiv

Shop mixed goods in Lyutizh village

Shopping and office complex at 90/2 Popudrenka Street in Kyiv

Trade and industrial complex on Dzerzhynskoho Street in Irpin

Blocked semi-detached house in Lebedivka village

Blocked slipways with living premises in Khotianivka area

Low-rise residential house at 30 Saperne Pole Street in Kyiv

Apartment building with parking at 9 Vidpochynku Street in Kyiv

Office сentre at 19 Shchorsa Street in Kyiv

Darina’s house in Khotianivka village

Office and retail complex at 97 A Borshchagivska Street in Kyiv

Administrative and warehouse center at 69 Novovokzalna Street in Kyiv

Office and warehouse center at 7 A Voziednannia Avenue in Kyiv

Business-Park at 190 Chervonozorianyi Avenue in Kyiv

Hippotherapy Center «Camelia» in Dmytrivka area

Petrol station complex and point of service in Novi Petrivtsi

Petrol station at 33 Stolychne Highway in Kyiv

Bank branch space interiors of "Finance and Credit" Bank in Kyiv

Cottage settlement «River» in Vyshhorod area

Temple complex in Demydiv area

Social housing in Lebedivka village

Sergiy’s house on Bilytska Street in Kyiv

Shopping center interior in Bucha town

Olena’s house in Novi Petrivtsi village

Medical center at 1 Aviakonstruktora Ihoria Sikorskoho Street in Kyiv

Medical center at 20 Mykhaylo Dragomyrov Street in Kyiv